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7 RPG video games that you can not miss

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We reviewed 7 RPG games that are coming this 2019 and that you can not miss, such as Lost Ark, Project Awakening or Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Project Awakening

The first title with which we want to start this list is Project Awakening, developed by CyGames, people who were behind Granblue Fantasy. The game is exclusive to PS4 and for now it has no estimated release date.


This March 26 we will be able to enjoy Outward, as our partner Jose Luis Lopez has nicknamed him, the heir of Morrowind.

Title with a slightly more adjusted budget than the great Triple A role we know but with very original ideas. A game where survival is a key part of the experience and absolutely all systems are designed to ensure absolute immersion in the game world. A title reminiscent of those role-playing games such as Sacred, games that without having the budget or the production of the big Triple A, brought fresh ideas to the genre.


The creators of Skullgirls , Lab Zero games bring us this Indivisible year, game that we could try in the E3 2018 and that combines a Metroidvania world with turn-based role combats. Strongly inspired by Valkyrie Profile and Hindu mythology, with beautiful scenarios and hand-drawn characters, in addition to the usual excellence in animation , and characteristic of the studio.


Tactical RPG set in World War II reminiscent of Darkest Dungeon. WARSAW, a strategy RPG that will tell the story of Warsaw in 1944 centered on those who opposed the Nazi army, will be released in the third quarter of 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.



Game that we can enjoy in early acces in Epic Store. Developed by Supergiant Games, the same as Bastion, Transitor and Pyre. With their peculiar artistic finish, they bring us a roguelike action RPG set in ancient Greece, in which we must escape from the underworld by confronting all kinds of monsters.

Lost Ark

In the form of an isometric Action RPG similar to Blizzard’s Diablo series , Lost Ark mixes the elements of online games in an MMORPG with an action-centered style, which makes use of a combat system of the type hack ‘n Slash in terms of enemies. All under a spectacular graphic finish. Currently you can play in Korea and is expected to launch this year in our country.

Pokémon RPG

The classic that we all expected in table, game announced at E3 of 2016 and which we have recently heard. Developed in a new area set in Europe, called Galar. Unlike Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee / Pikachu, here the formula is once again the one we are used to by Game Freak. The wild Pokémon you find them again in the tall grass in a random way, and you will have to fight against them to weaken them and catch them.

These are just some of the RPGs that come to this 2019, a great year for the role lovers with proposals of all kinds, from more experimental, innovative titles to more conversational.

Where are there more chests on the Fortnite Season 8 map

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Knowing where there are more chests in Fortnite season 8 will help you choose the best areas to land and, above all, where there are more options to “lootear” weapons and objects like potions at the beginning of the game. Knowing these areas will undoubtedly give you an advantage.

Among the changes that have brought season 8 we have a complete remodeling of the northeast end of the map, which now includes a volcano and new areas such as Escalones Estivales or Albufera Apacible, apart from completely eliminating Alameda Aullante. Knowing how many chests there are in these new areas of Fortnite also helps.

Where are there more chests on the Fortnite Season 8 map (and better looting options)?

Then, we leave you with the map with the areas with more chests and more looting options in Fortnite season 8 , plus a list by order, from highest to lowest, so you can locate them better. We indicate, yes, the maximum number of chests that can appear, since not all the games will all appear.

Where are there more chests on the Fortnite Season 8 map (and better looting options)?

Chopped Floors: 35
Cheerful Aldehuela: 33
Peaceful Albufera: 26
Ostentatious Oasis: 25
Balsa Botín: 25
Polar Peak: 24
Arctic Aerodrome: 23

Ciudad Comercio: 21
Lethal Latifundio: 20
Pleasant Park: 15
Lucky Landing: 14
Summer Steps: 14

Ribera Repipi: 14
Señorío de la Sal: 13
Soto Solitaire: 12
Lomas Lúgubres: 12
Tortuous Tunnels: 11
Chiringuito Chatarra: 11
Underground sinkhole: 9

You already know which areas have more chests in season 8 of Fortnite . Now you can consult other guides to know how to earn more XP and go up the level quickly in season 8 , the 9 things that you may not have known about season 8 of Fortnite (special chests, new objects …) , the three best places to land in season 8 , the 50 tricks that will help you win games , the best weapons (updated to January 2019) , the best maps of the Creative mode (and the codes to access them) , how and where to find the buried treasure or the best place to farmear much wood and fast stone .

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The multiplayer of Devil May Cry 5 is nonsense

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Devil May Cry 5 is a paradigmatic example of the game in which, fortunately, the virtues weigh more . That means, therefore, that it is far from perfect. If one begins to list their shortcomings it is easy to end up talking about the uninspired design of their scenarios, their very simple puzzles or their basic history, but they are elements that lose weight when put into perspective and evaluated with everything else, when they are analyzed together. There, the pros win .

As we do not like to put the blindfold on, sometimes we also have to talk about the bad. Today, as you may have deduced, the subject in question is the multiplayer luck that Capcom’s work has, something that in my humble opinion has neither a head nor a head. Neither is understood, nor offers anything significant to the game or has a reward, but there are the Japanese paying a server for us to use. And I do not understand very well who gave the ‘okey’ to this.

devil may cry 5

The Multiplayer – DMC5

To put us in situation, the multiplayer of DMC5 allows us to play its levels with other people, but in separate spaces . You here and the other there. As the chronology of the plot has come and gone with three different characters, for example there are times when we arrived with V to an area where we were already with Nero. The first time (with Nero), we could see another player driving to V where we are now, while in the present now it happens in reverse. The basic idea is that there are simultaneous, although parallel, games with zero interaction between users.

If in general it is already difficult to see what the other is doing, add that we are in a hack & slash and that we already have enough work paying attention to our character, the enemies that surround him and the combo meter. There is no time or need to observe the other player , and also is usually so far that we do not cross it or by chance. Despite what has been said, at the end of the level we have the option of assessing how our partner has done it, rewarding it with a golden gem (a consumable equivalent to a continuation if we die) if we consider that it has done well. As if we could know. The funny thing is that we can not even compare which of the two has finished with a better score, because they do not show up.

Perhaps the easy thing would have been that, to enable global online tables -or with filters for our friends- in which to be able to sting seeing who is better. If this cooperative experiment does not stop working, do not mess up and bet on the competitive in its most classic and cheap format: score boards . I know we are waiting to receive the Bloody Palace as a free expansion, and that surely the multiplayer will make sense, but what we have now is a very poorly resolved firefighter idea that Capcom could have saved, literally. Not all add-ons add up, and for shows a button.