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Where are there more chests on the Fortnite Season 8 map

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Knowing where there are more chests in Fortnite season 8 will help you choose the best areas to land and, above all, where there are more options to “lootear” weapons and objects like potions at the beginning of the game. Knowing these areas will undoubtedly give you an advantage.

Among the changes that have brought season 8 we have a complete remodeling of the northeast end of the map, which now includes a volcano and new areas such as Escalones Estivales or Albufera Apacible, apart from completely eliminating Alameda Aullante. Knowing how many chests there are in these new areas of Fortnite also helps.

Where are there more chests on the Fortnite Season 8 map (and better looting options)?

Then, we leave you with the map with the areas with more chests and more looting options in Fortnite season 8 , plus a list by order, from highest to lowest, so you can locate them better. We indicate, yes, the maximum number of chests that can appear, since not all the games will all appear.

Where are there more chests on the Fortnite Season 8 map (and better looting options)?

Chopped Floors: 35
Cheerful Aldehuela: 33
Peaceful Albufera: 26
Ostentatious Oasis: 25
Balsa Botín: 25
Polar Peak: 24
Arctic Aerodrome: 23

Ciudad Comercio: 21
Lethal Latifundio: 20
Pleasant Park: 15
Lucky Landing: 14
Summer Steps: 14

Ribera Repipi: 14
Señorío de la Sal: 13
Soto Solitaire: 12
Lomas Lúgubres: 12
Tortuous Tunnels: 11
Chiringuito Chatarra: 11
Underground sinkhole: 9

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