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Like all remasters, this text must start by looking back, almost 20 years ago. In 2002 the tenth installment of the Final Fantasy saga came into our lives and, like a wave from the ocean of Spira, it brought us fresh air and love … a lot of love.We were facing the first Fantasy ending that, thanks to the PlayStation 2 Emotion Engine, left behind the pre-programmed scenarios and brought us a beautiful three-dimensional environment. It was also the football manager 2019 (FM19) first Fantasy ending to bring us characters with real voices dubbed by professional actors and a sequel, Final Fantasy X-2 that’s good… for many it’s better to forget it.

While it is true that after the 7th and 8th, he already fooled around with a slightly brighter world leaving behind the strong Gothic and dark aesthetic, it was not until the end Fantasy X when Square Enix said ‘hello, how are you?’into the light. Not only by proposing an explosion of colors in the fabulous world of Spira, but also by proposing a story full of life, friendship, love and joy. Yes, that of course in the plot the world goes little by little to shit, otherwise, it wouldn’t be a Fantasy ending, but… hell, that’s nice.

Well, put in a position, no wonder this Final Fantasy delivery has been for many, and remains, your favorite. It marked an entire generation of RPG lovers and its history transcended the game and settled in the hearts of those who enjoyed it.

Now, in 2019, a time when we have more refritos than a KFC, we wonder if a remaster of this game was necessary.


For starters, it was time for Final Fantasy X and X-2 to leave the Sony universe and visit Microsoft and Nintendo. All players should have the right to know true love at the hands of Yuna and Tidus. And to keep going, we’re talking about a few RPGs over 100 hours of play (and 150 hours if you want!). This kind of game sometimes makes it hard to enjoy with the frantic lives we lead. So why not take it with us, in our pocket? Thank You Nintendo Switch for making this possible.

Answered these existential doubts, let’s talk about that stuff new is included in the game FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster. Although they had already given him a good face cleaning for the original HD Remaster version, they have now tuned a little bit more graphically and hey, what a beautiful thing they have left. If you don’t move something inside when you see the first cinematic… with those chords breaking you, note by note, the soul, and then sew it back on beauty, then boy, you have no heart. I wish to play it in portable version, that the tears go down by the work of His Majesty gravity and you will discover yourselves clearing the screen on football manager 2019 (FM19) more than one occasion.

Such a video-Language work carried to a laptop can cast doubt on its visual quality. Then fus-fus to those doubts. Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster looks great, keeps the 30fps constant and also does not suck the battery like California Strawberry.


One of the highlights of this new version is undoubtedly the use of the touch screen. We already saw this on the late PS Vita, and now it comes back for my best taste. For example, you’re with Tidus freaking out about the new world of the future, and you’re a little short after a good fight. You see a bichaco in front of you who you know is going to kill. If you slide your finger over the screen, a floating menu appears to heal you quickly, both with magic and with objects. This is a simple detail but saves time and speeds up experience. As for FF X-2 we can change costumes or animation modes with the same gesture, one complete and one shorter.

It should be noted that we have been made somewhat odd that they have removed the AIDS they put in other versions of FF X-2 such as self-defense or avoid football manager 2019 (FM19) random attacks. We imagine that this decision has been in pursuit of an experience more faithful to the original but let’s face it, 16 years have passed since the game came out and now the players are looking for more agility. It’s a negative point for me, of course. Especially because he was not a saint of my devotion at the time, and it doesn’t help to give him another chance to know he doesn’t count on this.

Perhaps for some it is also rare that the game card as football manager 2019 for Nintendo Switch does not include the FF X-2

When you install the game, you will see FF X and the Chapter “Eternal Calm”, but no FF X-2 or its additional chapter”Last Mission” appear. These last two will have to be downloaded digitally (occupy approximately 13 GB), using the download code included in the game box. As for the football manager 2019 world-tracker.com game, its vastly a game about good sport with a very high graphics and enjoyment!

Apart from these little things, the truth is that it has given us a great joy to have a ticket again (this is our case in the form of a Switch, although it is also available for Xbox One) to Spira, to see Zanarkand again, to kick the ball in a crowded stadium encouraging his Blitzball team or to wipe our tears when we see the kiss between Yuna and Tidus (I hope that after almost 20 years it will not be considered spoiler!).

FFXV graphics

FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster is and will be one of the best Final Fantasy of the series. An essential RPG in your collection. These new versions offer another opportunity to those who did not play them at the time, or those who want to remember them. Yes, don’t expect the FFXV graphics because it has rained a lot since we saw this game running on our PS2 but the remastering work was capital at the time and now it doesn’t disappoint.

Enjoy FF X and X-2. Enjoy Love, Beauty, a story that leaves no one indifferent … and above all, enjoy anywhere. Because this game will accompany you first in your pocket, and then in your soul.


One of the best RPG games of the history bleached new the gray to make the jump to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Not to mention that it’s been 20 years, this classic comes back with the same strength as when I was a kid to make new and older people discover that their story was a before and an after. And it still is. With small contributions on the touch screen of football manager 2019 (FM19), and almost all the extra content, FINAL FANTASY X / X-2 HD Remaster will accompany you for hours wherever you go, if you let him.